Can fridges be used in political science research?

I employ fridges as visual cues in online experiments to test participants in Germany and the UK for implicit support for the EU.
Building on ideas of an emerging banal Europeanism, I use this empirical approach for my PhD research in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I use the EU Energy Efficiency Label for my studies

For my PhD research I ran several online experiments using the EU energy efficiency label on fridges as visual cues.
Gathering data from participants in the UK, Germany and other EU member states I am currently analysing these to complete my PhD thesis.

Fridge labels as banal cues

For every new fridge sold in the EU the energy efficiency label must be displayed at the point of sale. A EU flag is part of the visual design that every customer, who is interested in the purchase of new kitchen white goods, is exposed to.

Building on these experiences, online experiments can be designed around these familiar scenarios. In my experiments, the original label including the EU flag is used as a treatment stimulus, while a control sample of participants is exposed to a label without any EU symbols.

As work in progress no results are publishable as of yet. A detailed presentation of the research design is available at (book citation).

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